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Photo: Bill Metcalfe (Nelson Star)

Help us bring accessible, community-based safe supply to the West Kootenays by supporting our work with a MONTHLY or ONE-TIME DONATION.

We literally cannot do this work without your support as KISS receives zero operational or on-going funding from any level of government or other sources. Community-based solutions require community-based support!


Donating to KISS will enable us to continue working to establish a non-medicalized, peer-led safe supply compassion club here in Nelson, will support the development and implementation of the Kootenay Independent Safe Supply Evaluative Study, and will help us in our efforts to inform and engage policy-makers and the public about the urgent need for and transformative potential of a collaborative continuum safe supply programs that includes both prescriber-based models and non-medicalized, peer-based models such as the KISS Compassion Club.     

Thank you for your support.

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